For For any business, efficient customer service has become ample food for thought especially when we are talking of process oriented services like customs clearance and freight forwarding. As business processes become more and more automated keeping in line with the latest technological developments, customer centricity has reached a new height. There was a time when custom clearance involved lots of paper work, with the client required to queue up at the agents office for completion of all procedures. Those are bygone days, thanks to the prolific employment of e-tools in numerous business procedures.

    At present when the need arises for customs clearance and forwarding services, few would like to go for long queues and loads of paperwork. You would definitely prefer an agent who takes care of the entire procedure to see that your cargo gets delivered at the right destination at the right time. The custom broking agent should have enough expertise to fulfill all custom procedures on your behalf with completion of due formalities with the exporter, importer and governmental authorities. As a customer you would definitely be delighted when al the procedures are minutely followed and you can keep track at every step. That's exactly what Prime Linkers does for you with through an efficient use of e-tools.

    When you are looking for seamless customs service for international cargo to different cities of Pakistan, Prime Linkers is there to help you out with its automated processes. Many customs clearing brokers are increasingly incorporating e-tools in their operational system because of the multifarious benefits. With e-tools, you can have a central platform of information extraction and sharing that does away with the worrisome task of searching amidst old piles for some crucial record. Operation statistics are collected in a jiffy, thereby ensuring faster process movement and a reduced turn around time for the end client.
    The provision to submit documents through the internet has made the entire custom clearance process all the more easier. All you need to do is go to the website, connect to the agent if required and submit the required documents online. From calculation of the relevant taxes and duties to tracking the status from any part of the world, e-tools have certainly made it a day for the client. And there's more to it. System alerts, reminders and e-mails make sure that every intermittent procedure is taking place with the full knowledge of the customer.
    So, know whenever you think of custom-clearance, think e-tool, Prime Linkers offers you exclusive automated services that get rid of all your custom clearance woes.